Seth Sandronsky

Seth Sandronsky

I'm a Sacramento-based writer.

Seth Sandronsky is a freelance journalist who contributes to Capital & Main, CounterPunch, Monthly Review, The Progressive Populist and The Sacramento Bee.

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Does skin color still matter? For the 30% of black teens that don't have a job right now, maybe it does. Seth Sandronsky speaks out about black teen ......


Mall Riots: Why Are Some Americans Becoming Violent Shoppers?

Americans used to protest in the streets; now some have resorted to fighting each other in shopping malls. What happened?...

Microsoft article

How Big Companies Like Microsoft, Pearson Are Gearing to Profit from Our Children’s Successes and Failures

Salivating profiteers are going after public schools with the voracious appetites of hungry teenagers....


How California's Oil and Water Policies Are Bankrupting Higher Education

California oil and water policies reap windfall profits for banking institutions, land developers and agribusiness, but are undermining the state's higher education plan....


How One Journalist Learned About Modern Union-Busting the Hard Way

Sara Steffens thought that labor negotiations were civilized affairs ... until her newsroom became a battlefield....